The High Security Door Specification


High Security Door Structure
High Security Door Lock
Single / Double
Made of 2mm electro zinc steel, it stays fastened to the Wall with 8 strong steel ties with anti-sliding shape, will stay firmly attached.
It is equipped with special fasteners allowing vertical and horizontal fitting adjustment, as well as easy assembly of the frame and door.
The door can be applied to the sub frame afterwards, this procedure is easy and free from hassle, it can save your door panels from getting damaged during house finishing job.
Sub-frame Replacement
It can be adapted perfectly and fast to any type of existing metal or timber frame.
Its design allows the adjustments and fine tuning to compensate any out of alignment induced during early installation.


high-security-door-structureConstructed as result of intensive continuing research turn our door into an impenetrable barrier against burglars and the most advanced techniques of intrusion. Besides their quality, doors aesthetics and style were not compromised.

1 Frame and sub-frame
2 Vertical reinforcement omegas
3 Adjustable hinges
4 Leading edge deadbolts
5 Electro-zinc steel structure
6 Great-angular spyhole
7 Safety catch
8 High security lock
9 Finishing panels


High Security Door LockOur door is reinforced by inner omegas 3 to give greater rigidity
It has a total of 12 points of lock:

4 + 1 in the lock latch
1 upper front lock
1 lower front lock
4 pins (hinge side)


lock-high-security-doorsThe High Security door from J’a Door comes standard with a smooth turning european cylinder system lock, armoured with steel plate, the cylinder is shielded by a defender protection manganese steel system.

The lock is supplied with a multipoint key, which is small and very easy to handle. You can have multiple cylinders with a master key.

It is protected from outside by a steel plate.

The door is supplied with temporary key for installation, to be replaced by 5 fresh ones once the installation is completed.

Our doors are a unitary construction composed of electrogalvanised steel structure wih outer steel plate and vertical reinforcements, making a unitary construction.

To ensure greater and better security in each space, the structure of the doors is strengthened, especially in the area of the lock, hinges and fixed locking points
Fire resistance certificates: UNE-EN 1634-1:2000 / NF EN 13501-2 / PR NF EN 1634-1

Adjustable hinges made of steel and an automatic mobile cill to prevent draught, light and dust penetration.

Each door is supplier with installation key, to be replaced by final keys in the end of the installation work.
Thermal Insulation Certificates: NF EN ISO 10077-1 e 10077-2

The Security Doors imported by J’a Door are certified by the following laboratories: ITB, AFITI/LICOF EFECTIS and BMTRADA. According to tests conducted, the door achieved Level 3 anti-burglary. Fireproof EI2 30, Acoustic Insulation, Thermal Insulation and 1.6 W/m2K.

High Security Doors

Step 1

On meeting with the client and establishing the requirements for your new security door, we create an estimate to include the supply, finishing and fitting (where required) for the structure. We do try and take as many details as possible at this stage so that this initial quote is accurate, and in most cases, will not alter throughout the process.

Step 2

Once you are happy with the quote we will take a deposit for the order and (and assuming we are to fit the new door) arrange for a site survey to be carried out to establish accurate measurements and any special requirements to ensure a smooth fitting. We are happy to work alongside your contractors if openings are to be made, but insist on a site survey to eradicate any future issues that may arise if this is not carried out.

Step 3

An approval drawing is created to ensure that positioning of door furniture and opening direction is correct – and we are all happy with the look of the door.

Step 4

Once approved, production is confirmed and a fitting date is arranged.

Ja Door - High Security Doors


Exceptional service

A personal service company’s ethos. We welcome the opportunity to speak to you in person and address any concerns you have regarding the care of your high security door

Quality Finish

We use state of the art tools that are entrusted to our care. You will be delighted your new front door have been expertly looked after from factory to your house!

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It will take only 4-6 weeks to deliver and fit high security door. We cover all London up to M25